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Lloyd has been working extensively in the broader sustainability and integrated reporting arena, with various local and international industry stakeholders and thought leaders. He has founded and edited industry handbooks, presented at conferences and events and facilitated and participated on many industry panel discussions.  

Lloyd’s work has extended across national and regulatory boundaries and he has trained and worked with the world’s leading reporting frameworks and standards:


  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI Standards)

  • International Integrated Reporting Council (<IR> Framework)

  • World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)

  • Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB)

  • UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • Accountability (AA1000AS Assurance Standard)


Skills and expertise

  • Reporting strategy and innovation

  • Executive engagement and facilitation, including though use of Design Thinking practices

  • Value creation, business model, 6 Capitals and <IR> principles

  • Carbon reporting integration

  • Extended value chain analysis and supply chain sustainability reporting

  • Materiality

  • Management approach and performance integration

  • Stakeholder mapping and stakeholder engagement

  • Governance, compliance, companies act, King IV

  • Assurance

  • SDGs mapping and strategy, SDG stakeholder mapping and narratives

  • Sustainability marketing and sales strategy

  • Financial reporting integration

  • Shared value

  • Reporting for stock exchanges and listing requirements

Reporting Industry Involvement

Lloyd has worked with listed companies, state owned enterprises, NGOs and SME operating companies. He has consulted strategically and has personally drafted, edited and assured various reports.

Lloyd has been invited by industry events and organisations to facilitate or present within the broader reporting content space. He is a preferred facilitator for the Global Reporting Initiative, particularly where SME and ‘business case’ panel discussions and events are concerned, including the GRI Competitive Business Program.

Lloyd was the founding editor of the Sustainability and Integrated Reporting Handbook, where he led a team of industry thought leaders in association with the GRI and IIRC, developing reporting industry content.​



The Sustainability and Integrated Reporting Handbook 2014

(First 21 pages)

The Sustainability and Integrated Reporting Handbook 2015

(First 31 pages)

Lloyd founded and heads up Veriport, an online reporting and data management solution that provides organisations with reporting templates, help and guidance that is easy, credible and affordable. Veriport currently offers users a growing number of industry and custom reports, which are aligned with selected standards and frameworks:

  • Carbon Footprint Report

  • Sustainability Profile

  • Sustainability Report

  • Integrated Report

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