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Management consulting is aimed improving the performance of a business through the development of systems and solutions. Performance can relate to business fundamentals such as cost reduction, growth or profitability, or to issues such as culture, reputation and talent.

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Lloyd’s consulting experience has largely been focused within the broader areas of strategy, sustainability, technology, media, sales and marketing. He has consulted strategically and operationally, providing either content or process consulting solutions to multinational corporates, medium sized enterprises, government departments and NGOs.

A background in management theory and corporate sustainability theory, have provided Lloyd with an effective base from which to provide current and relevant solutions, particularly for businesses with high stakeholder profiles or high social or environmental impacts.

Having a broad, ‘generalist’ range of tools and methodologies allows Lloyd to tackle almost any assignment with confidence, and in many instances his specific industry knowledge also adds value to an assignment.   

Selected skills and expertise

  • Strategy development

  • Business model design and innovation

  • Customer value proposition

  • Systems analysis and design

  • Business process re-engineering

  • Management approach and performance

  • Marketing and sales strategy

  • Project design and management

  • M & A, integration and change management

  • Non-executive board advisory

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