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Business facilitation is evolving as a practice, to incorporate approaches that are aimed at achieving deeper results more efficiently, such as active listening, agile and design thinking. Apart from possessing relevant intellectual base knowledge, good facilitators are in tune with, and sensitive to interpersonal dynamics whilst maintaining a firm approach.

Design thinking

Design thinking is a strategic approach to the development of solutions by groups and is increasingly incorporated into corporate facilitation. The approach can access deeper issues more quickly and is aimed at reaching prototype concepts or solutions on a ‘pareto principle’ basis. Design thinking is tactile, and makes use of physical materials and colour to bring creativity to the fore.

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Lloyd has extensive experience in business facilitation, having worked with global brands, government and NGOs in panel discussions, meetings, executive workshops and strategy development. Lloyd’s broad knowledge and interpersonal skills provide an effective platform for engagement, even with the most challenging individuals or cultural environments.

Lloyd is trained in the Design Thinking approach and has used this approach effectively with global brands.  Lloyd has been a preferred facilitator for the global chemical group BASF, having worked with the continental executive leadership team on various occasions to facilitate the development of new strategies, business models and product offerings. BASF requires that facilitators undergo training in respect of their design thinking-aligned ‘Jamming’ facilitation approach.

Lloyd’s corporate sustainability experience has also contributed greatly to his ability to bring new theoretical models and lenses to facilitation assignments. Sustainability theory is very current and relevant and is often more effective than some of the more traditional theoretical models that were developed more than 30 years ago.  

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