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Corporate sustainability is generally concerned with the strategic aspects of managing and reporting on environmental, social and governance issues in the organisations value chain.


There are three primary drivers of corporate sustainability:

  • Values – we do it because it’s the right thing to do.

  • Compliance – we do it because we are required to.

  • Competitiveness – we do it because it’s good for business.


All three drivers are playing an increasing role as business and stakeholder values and interests converge, as regulation increases and as the business case for sustainability becomes more apparent.

Lloyd has worked extensively in various areas of corporate sustainability, and has particular experience in the areas of strategy, reporting, carbon, cleaner production and responsible investment.

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Sustainability forms part of every business model and links directly with the strategy and management approach of the business. Lloyd helps companies to establish resilience and competitiveness by addressing specific sustainability issues in an integrated approach.

Selected corporate and applied sustainability skills and expertise:

Strategic sustainability

  • Extended value chain analysis

  • Supply chain sustainability

  • Business model analysis and innovation

  • Management approach and performance frameworks

  • Sustainability value proposition and marketing

  • Corporate governance



  • Sustainability reporting

  • Integrated reporting

  • GHG Inventory / Carbon footprint reporting

  • Resource management reporting (energy, water, waste and materials)

  • Report assurance

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  • Greenhouse gas emissions inventories

  • Carbon readiness programmes

  • Carbon footprint training

  • Carbon tax assessments

  • Carbon offsets

ESG and Impact Investing

  • Principles, standards and trends

  • ESG, SRI portfolio design and shareholder advocacy

  • Investment Value Propositions (CVP) and SRI strategies

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Applied sustainability

  • Resource efficiency & cleaner production (RECP)

  • Energy efficiency

  • Energy efficiency behaviour change

  • Green building codes, standards


Verification and assurance

  • Carbon emissions

  • Materials issues

  • Regulatory declarations


Projects and related

  • Project management

  • Research

  • Stakeholder strategy

  • Stakeholder engagement and response plans

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